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Client: Save
Year: 2016
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Save was a Parisian startup that bought, repaired and sold devices. Repairs were the main activity of the company and thousands of spare parts for hundreds of different devices were bought, stored and shipped back and forth to our stores everywhere in Europe. I was responsible for creating the app for the Paris warehouse to ease the logistics process that was until then not tracked properly nor optimized.



Save estimated to lose about 30% of its stocks without knowing the cause. Therefore the ambition was to drasticaly diminish this huge hole in the hull and optimize our logistic flow.

QR Codes to rule them all

It was quickly decided we would use QR codes to track our spare parts, allowing us to finally be able to provide contextual information.



User Research

The research objective for my interviews with warehouse employees were focused on understanding these two areas:

Warehouse workers preparing boxes.

Key findings

My interviews led me to focus on these main points to start generating prototypes:


I mapped all the inward and outward flows of packages, spare parts and warehouse employees to get a better understanding of the whole process.

The three flows of packages going through the warehouse everyday

The app user flow is the outcome of the above research

Product highlights


Scanning is fast and allows mistakes with the last item scanned which works as a ctrl+Z. Knowing total stocks was paramount to know what part was scarce to level the provisioning of each store.

Start and end a box

Knowing the content of an order allows warehouse workers to evaluate how many boxes will be needed and how long the order will take.
End the box whenever it's full, and start a new one for the same order.

Reduce mistakes

Because goods can be damaged or lost in their daily coming and going, this feature allows users to know what they're dealing with just a scan. Once the item identified, they can safely restore it, declare it as broken or put it where it should be.

Shipping a box takes two steps now.

Learnings and takeways

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