Data Analytics
Information Architecture

Client: Seekube
Year: 2015
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Seekampus allows recruiters to search and source potential candidates through an interactive map and calendar. This product is the property of Seekube, a Paris based startup that creates online job fairs where both job seekers and job offerers can meet and network. As I was the only designer in the company, I was in charge of gathering and structuring the data, produce high quality prototypes and applying business goals by creating bridges between the two products. The Seekampus project was designed in three months, from strategy to final product.


Understand our users

Because the company main product was also addressed to the same users, we could rely on our Seekube user research to quickly come up with a vision. Vision we challenged through user tests along the way.

Set the stage

We conducted mutliple workshops, which helped us align with the product vision as well as defining what was to become our initial scope.


Thanks to our user research material and to our workshop sessions, we brainstormed our way to a common vision.

Information Architecture

The biggest challenge on the project was to think of how we could structure the data so that it would work for a major university with hundreds of curriculums as well as a very small, specialized school.

Some early experimentations with data structuring.


Early prototypes showed the complexity of creating a content management system for our school representatives to use as we estimated the filling of a school by a school representative to take more than an hour. Because we knew it was too much asking to our users, we decided to instead scrape the internet to fill our data base.

Multiple iterations of the « add a curriculum » flow on the CSM prototype.

Product highlights

The search engine and its filters let you narrow down your search, while the map helps you contextualize: lots of internships require the intern to be in the same city for instance.

The calendar lets you quickly review all the internship of all students of a school, depending on their curriculum, once your students identified as potential candidates, you can either contact the school representative or join one of Seekube's job fairs the school is already participating in to meet those students.

Because every curriculum is different, we provide as much information as possible to give the best decision material to the recruiter.

Learnings and takeways

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