Business Lounge

Design System
User Research

Client: Orange
Year: 2017
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Leading telecom company Orange comissioned altima° to come work onsite and help them on Orange Business Lounge: a service for professional clients to let them manage their data and learn how to master their phone and plan by offering a simpler interface and rejuveneated look for iOS, Android, Windows, an web. I was on the project for 14 months, designing the product but also establishing/optimizing a process and methodology for their in-house teams to carry forward/sustain past the end of our contract




User research

I conducted user tests all along the year I worked on the project, from one on ones to one way mirror study group sessions.


Based on our user research we established personas that would help us define the goal. Because of a non disclosure agreement, I can only show a simplified version of one.

Goals and principles

Thanks to our personas we could succesfuly pinpoint the needs and pains of our users and from there set up our goals and principles for the product.

Prototyping and testing

The wireframing, prototyping and testing helped us save a lot of time by investigating our initial assumptions, allowing us to move on with the features to produce and ship them.

Product highlights

Data monitoring

The home revolves around the main asset of the app, its data. Thresholds were created to automatically alert users when they're about to run out of data, allowing them to easily purchase data on the go.

Shopping on the app

Checkout flow was reworked and A/B tested to provide a simpler experience, letting users choose to either pay with their own card or put it directly on their employer's expenses. The process is very straightforward and purchasing data takes less than a minute, wherever you are..

Traveling abroad

Identified as the most anxious situation to our users, we created the "travel abroad" feature to let travelers know more about their plan outside the country. Users receive a notification when they're about to run out of data abroad, allowing them to quickly purchase more and avoid cost outside of their plan.

Master your phone

The phone page offers curated articles to help users master their phones, such as how to save more battery or understand the difference between 4G and 2G.
It also has security options, giving users better control over their phones.

Learnings and takeways

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Passion Project
User Interface

emote is a minimalistic app that lets you zap your tv from your couch, using whatever touchscreen device at hand. No user guide needed, just intuitive finger gestures.