I'm Vincent Mesnard
a French Product Designer

I tailor delightful experiences with methodology and passion.


Orange Business Lounge

Design System
User Research

Service for professional clients with a Orange carrier plan to track smartphone usage, check fees, shop, and plenty of other features.


Passion Project
User Interface

emote is a minimalistic app that lets you control your tv from your couch, using whatever touchscreen device at hand. No user guide needed, just intuitive finger gestures.

Save x Warehouse

User Research
Information System

The warehouse app is answering the need of points of sales for spare parts. Right from their ipad they can send item requests to the warehouse app which unpackers use to prepare orders and receive packages. Logistics just became frictionless.


Interaction Design
Passion Project

Don't bother making difficult arrangements anymore. Now you can always find your friends, even if they're on the move. Just Ping them and they'll catch up to you.


Data Analytics
Information Architecture

Seekampus lets recruiters find the talents they need when they need them. All french schools are listed on the platform and a powerful search engine allows users to fill in all their criteria from the set of skills they need to the availability of the seeked talent.